New Victory Front Elev_Page_02For over 15 years The Victory Center has had the pleasure of being a part of a thriving community located on the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center (MAR-JCC) in North Miami Beach, Florida.

The location has given The Victory Center a permanent home and has allowed our students with autism and related disabilities to have access to its facilities such as: the community pool, the fitness center and the theater. Furthermore it has provided a feeling of warmth and welcome to our students and families.

Napolean Hill said “Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.” Napolean Hill was right!  At this very moment The Victory Center has the opportunity to be a part of something state of the art…a part of something great…located on the very same campus with the very same community who has always embraced it.

With supporters like you The Victory Center will be a part of the new Arts and Cultural building located at the MAR-JCC.

Autism is not a religious or cultural disability, it is a worldwide disability that affects all people of every religion and every culture.

We invite you to be a part of this great opportunity and ask that you consider adding your name  to our Capital Campaign. Please contact Raquel Pancer (  or Barry Nelson ( to find out how you can help.

Capital Campaign Video

The New Victory Center Video Walkthrough

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