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The Victory Center, Inc. (the “ Victory Center ”), is a Florida non-sectarian, not-for-profit Corporation, that provides children with autism and similar disorders comprehensive individualized treatment with a 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 student/teacher ratio, in a classroom setting that is unique in Southeast Florida . The Victory Center provides intensive therapy based upon the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, in particular those associated with B.F. Skinner’s (1957) analysis of verbal behavior. This form of therapy is typically provided to children with autism in home-based programs. The Victory Center combines this highly effective intensive training with frequent opportunities for facilitated social interactions within its own classrooms or with the typical preschool on campus. Progress is measured at regular intervals through the collection and interpretation of data.


The Victory Center Mission Statement

The mission of the Victory Center, Inc. is to provide outstanding evidence based educational services to individuals with autism and related disabilities in a caring and nurturing environment to help them achieve their fullest potential.


A group of South Florida business and community leaders and the parents of a child with autism founded The Victory School in order to fill a great void in special education. The school opened on June 5, 2000 with only one classroom and four students. Interest in The Victory School was great in the autism community and enrollment quickly increased. Six classrooms have since been completely renovated and provide a variety of learning environments, from small workstations for intensive therapy, to activity centers for imaginative and structured play.

In response to community need, The Victory School initiated outreach programming in 2005. These programs include Training Seminars and Workshops for families and caregivers, and the Saturday Laugh `n Learn Outreach Program for children and siblings. In 2006, The Victory School began the Shadow/Transition program, providing trained teachers to accompany children who are transitioning into typical or mainstream classrooms. In addition, the Hand in Hand Home Support Program was started to assist parents with their children at home. That same year, they also began The “Making Friends” Summer Camp and Summer After School Care Program. In 2008, the name was changed to The Victory Center in an effort to better describe the wide range of services that we now offer which include, academic, transitional and community outreach programs.

Please be aware that the following documents are available upon request. Requests may be submitted to our  Director of Administration, Ms. Jaime Aybar, via Jaime@thevictoryschool.org.

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